What Clients Say

Photo of David

“I teach you to become your own Self Care Coach.”

“Coaching has changed my life. Everyone who knows me has noticed.

Self-compassion has been enormous for me! I have learned to appreciate myself and what I do. And that happiness is a choice. I am acting on creating a life that I love.

I have learned to calm myself and “put down the whip”. I am able to be more thankful and appreciate the humor in life.”

SR National Enterprise Marketing Events Coordinator

“Each conversation we have had has been impactful and moved me forward much quickly than I could have done on my own.”

KK CEO Statewide Non-profit

“One of the greatest highlights of my adult life has been being coached by David. My attitude has changed. My relationships have changed. All for the better. My mind isn’t running rampant with negativity.

I have already witnessed a night and day difference. When I began to work on myself I found myself, and a different way of being. Thank you!”

C. A. Graphic Designer

“I feel listened to without being judged.

David is deeply intuitive and incredibly compassionate (in supporting the) empowerment of his clients.

His natural mentoring spirit complements the transformative work he does.”

S.C. Singer & Theater Director

“David is a skilled, honest, effective, and kind coach. I contacted David because my professional life was STUCK. He coached me into positive and successful forward motion. David is a good egg.”

RG Credentialed Educator

“With David you feel loved-and challenged. He has a special skill in tuning into you as a person. His coaching helped me discover options and move along my path. I love his coaching as well as his humor and wit.”

SL Language Specialist for Global Tech Enterprise

“I forgot what was good about myself, and through this process have been awakened to not only what is good about me, but what I can be.

Having David as a coach has challenged me to identify and accept the behaviors I need to modify to become the true me.

I am learning to be present in each and everyday, hour, and moment. Having a coach saved my life.”

R.W. Manufactures Representative

“David has a gift. I am very impressed with his skills.

When you start working with David it is immediately apparent that he is a professional, and has natural talent for his coaching role.

David’s personality and approach make his coaching a pleasant experience.

One of the greatest values of David’s coaching is his ability to bring out thoughts that you knew had, but had not been able to vocalize.”

T.T. Fortune 1000 Software System Sales

“I have experienced powerful coaching with David Nielsen, resulting in new awareness, followed by intentional decision-making and action.

Truly kind of heart and gentle in spirit, David is able to ask deep questions that go to the heart of things…
David is excellent at ensuring the client takes thoughtful action and he is a supportive accountability partner, with humor and love.”

J.M. Environmental Engineer

“David has been my best advocate since I began coaching with him. He is compassionate and yet asks those tough questions which help clarify one’s thought process. His regular gentle follow-ups are very valuable in sustaining the momentum of the coaching process.

His coaching has played a very important role in my life.”

NK Published Writer & Editor

“Your coaching has served as an invaluable anchor/source of stability for me. Your ability to reach beneath the surface and get to the root of the issue is extraordinary.

It is a gift that you have fine-tuned to be very insightful and compassionate. You listen well and ask the right questions at the right time.

It is always enjoyable and enlightening to talk with you! You are a fantastic coach and person overall.”

C.S. Nutritionist

Please note: initials are used to respect client confidentiality.