Great Websites & Organizations

These carefully selected websites and organizations are credible

They represent the best efforts of people with proven intentions and capabilities. They offer a wealth of remarkably valuable resources that are freely given.

They also provide the means to connect with communities who people sharing the science and practices of growing well being within individuals and between people.

Generally short videos of widely respected researchers and teachers have been carefully selected as concise and easy to understand explanations of key concepts and practices.
Stanford University School of Medicine based Center for Compassion and Altruism and Education (CCARE) is a global leader in bringing compassion research and skill development into business, technology, education, medicine, and other fields where it can deliver a high level of human, organizational, and economic values.

CCARE developed the Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) eight-week course now taught in many parts of the world. Initial research indicates CCT enables participants to experience many positive changes that improve their quality of life.

This site has an abundance of high quality videos, articles, research, links, and access to compassion training opportunities.
An exceptionally content rich, free, and well designed resource that provides easily understood articles, videos, and events. Some great events and online courses are free. Others are very low cost for high quality presentations from the world’s leading scientists and educators.

The free newsletter is very informative and a resource in its own right.

An inexpensive membership provides access to a library of high quality videos, articles, and discounts on events and programs in person and online.
Kristin Neff’s is the leading researcher and educator on self-compassion.

Her personal website is a great resource that offers excellent and free guided meditations, videos, exercises, self testing scales, and hundreds of selected research articles.

Her experience as a mother of a child with autism is documented in the film The Horse Boy and her book, Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself.
Truly outstanding, free, well organized, beautifully presented, and comprehensive collection of the world’s current compassion research.

Short video, audio, and graphic presentations are included in the well-written articles prepared by many of the leading world’s leading compassion researchers and teachers in the world.

Chief Editor Tania Singer is Director of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig Germany.
2.6 million people have taken the free VIA Core Strengths Survey to help themselves recognize their most important personal character strengths.

Understanding one’s own core strengths can be very useful in making good use of them to create personal well being and real world accomplishments.

The VIA survey was developed by Martin Seligman, Ph.D., who is often called the Father of Positive Psychology. He is an author, Thought Leader, and Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Positive Psychology focuses on developing methods that can predictably grow what is naturally good in people. And thereby, increasing authentic happiness, reduced distress, increasing honest and enjoyable relationships, and creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.

The large amount of anonymous data from the VIA is a foundation for much useful research.
The Family Caregiver Alliance is a trustworthy national non-profit with a strong local presence in the Bay Area.

Their website is a very useful resource for many kinds of caregivers in a wide range of circumstances. The well designed easy to use website can connect family caregivers with human support; as well as reliable information and guidance in dealing with many caregiver challenges ranging from finances to burnout. They publish some very interesting statistics on caregivers.

This organization is a lifeline for many caregivers.
A credible, competent, well written, and long standing website which offers a wide range of of useful and current information, resources, and articles for a wide range caregivers.

The daily newsletter features interviews with caregivers and leading professionals on how to effectively address common caregiver challenges.