How and Why My Coaching Works

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“Self Care is a source
of enjoyment,
and well being.”

First of All: Coaching is Proven

  • Coaching by qualified coaches has been proven to produce substantial and lasting positive results by the real world experience of many leading corporations and countless individuals.
  • Google, Apple, HP, IBM, and many other world class enterprises now use coaching as a cost effective way to improve their culture and bottom line.
  • Individuals commonly find coaching can greatly improve their quality of life and ability to achieve what is most important to them.
  • Good coaches focus on the proven methods that enable them to deliver high value to a selected group of clients they can relate to.
  • Coaching is taught at Stanford, Harvard, UC, and other top tier universities; many of whom are involved in the research that defines and validates the science based methods.
  • The bottom line: most people who actively engage coaching get excellent results that last.

How My Coaching Works

  • There are three Key Elements in my coaching method.
  • My methods are from the science based principles and practices of Positive Psychology, Co-Active Coaching, and related disciplines; as well as my experience in life with what actually enables transformative positive change that lasts.

The First Key Element: Inner Work

  • I guide the client in finding what will work best for them from a palate of science based practices that reduce chronic stress and increase well being and happiness.
  • Clients are empowered by seeing their conscious choices and small steps create major real world improvements in their quality of life.
  • Benefits are typically felt in a surprisingly short period of time.
  • Proven self compassion, stress reduction, and happiness growing practices are fit to the needs and time schedule of the individual.
  • Clients gain skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.
  • What you get: stress reduction and happiness growing skills increase a person’s quality of life and improve their relationships.

The Second Key Element: Outer Work

  • I help the client identify how they can best respond to the most important goal or challenge in their life.
  • This process often begins with the client gaining clarity about their core values and strengths.
  • That clarity enables a more accurate Vision of their optimal change. From that Vision the right strategies, goals, plans, tactics, methods, techniques, and steps can be naturally derived.
  • The tools and skills of Co-Active Coaching are used to facilitate the client’s process of inquiry, evaluation, and decision making.
  • This process supports a client identifying a Vision they really want, and they can correctly believe is achievable for them, and will make the best possible improvement in their quality of life.
  • What you get: the positive change you want most; that can be achieved in the real world you live in. The amount of positive change possible is generally greater than most people think.

The Third Key Element: Self Empowerment Partnerships

  • The right kind and amount of support helps achieve meaningful change that lasts. Self Empowerment Partnerships do that.
  • Frequent interaction is an essential element of effectively supporting any person’s optimal rate of creating positive change.
  • I provide up to eighteen (18) two way interactions a month in addition to the four coaching sessions; by e-mail, text, exchanged voice mails, or short phone calls.
  • Self Empowerment Partnership interactions often follow whatever the client needs on a particular day. They can also be based on very specific agreements of what steps will be taken by what dates. They frequently include encouragement, guidance, and acknowledgement.
  • Having an actively engaged partner in the process of positive change supports the client “feeling felt” and truly witnessed.
  • Every time a step is taken, or not taken, we learn something. There is no failure. No negative judgment.We either learn This: or we learn That.
  • Often the richest learning comes from the steps that did not happen. From them we can learn about getting through the inner and outer barriers that may have previously kept a person from doing what they truly want to do.
  • Self Empowerment Partnerships support a client becoming fully accountable to themselves; Not the coach.
  • What you get: The right amount of support for you.As decided by you. So you can succeed at creating the Inner and Outer positive change that you want and know will greatly improve the quality of your life.

Why My Coaching Works

  • Real benefits can be felt in a surprisingly short time. Success creates more success.
  • Clients generally enjoy the coaching process. And they love the difference it makes in their lives.
  • All three Key Elements work together, support each other, and begin in the first session.
  • The synergy of the Key Elements enables a client to sustain their active engagement in creating the positive change they truly want.
  • The client takes the steps they decide are right, at the speed they decide is right. The client controls and learns to trust the process.
  • The client uses the process of creating the change they want now, to learn valuable skills and methods they can use for the rest of their lives.
  • My coaching works because: clients get the change they want and need. They feel better and are happier. They benefit from improved circumstances and relationships.