Reduce your stress, balance your life,
enjoy more authentic happiness,
even when circumstances are difficult.

Stanford University School of Medicine

has certified David as a trainer of the Stanford
Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) Program.

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Short video of informal comments
by some of the creators of the Stanford
Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) Program.

What Clients Say About David

“I have progressed faster than I ever imagined. I did not know the way to succeed (at enjoying my life). Now I have a game plan ! I love doing the work with a real guide leading the way, and positive results are already happening.” D.R. Real Estate Broker
“Change is hard. Having David Nielsen’s coaching guidance and support is invaluable!” J.H. Attorney
“At the time I met David, I needed direction and tools to handle what seemed to be insurmountable situations in my life….. I have developed life skills that have helped me to overcome challenges and be better prepared for whatever life experiences may come my way.” R.W. Manufacturers Representative

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You must create your own
well being and authentic happiness.
Knowing how Really Helps.


Are you one of these people ?
  • Stressed and overwhelmed
  • Care giver for struggling parent, mate, or child
  • Feel stuck and don’t know what or how to change
  • Want to be happier and don’t know how
  • High stress career out of balance with life
  • Need more honest and true relationships
  • Want to simplify and de-clutter life
  • Health problem (new or chronic)
  • In a major life transition
  • Possible addiction issue.

Science Based Methods At Top Tier Universities

Stanford, Harvard, Duke, University of California, University of Pennsylvania, San Francisco State, University of Massachusetts, (and many more) teach the proven science and basic methods of coaching, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness based skills such as compassion cultivation.

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The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education - Stanford
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